Lecture in St Andrews: 4th International Conference on Syria

.: June 27, 2018

The MEP invites you to the "4th International Conference on Syria" organized by St Andrews University (Scotland) in partnership with the Center for Syrian Studies (CSS). It will take place from July 1 2018 11:00am until July 4 2018 2:00pm, in the Scottish premises of St Andrews University.

The Centre for Syrian Studies (CSS) at the University of St Andrews will be holding its Fourth International Conference on Syria on 1-4 August 2018 in St Andrews, Scotland. The Conference theme focuses on the latter stages of the uprisings and conflict since 2015, with the focus on issues such as the sectarianization of the conflict; the evolution of the balance of power among groups in the conflict; governance and civil society amidst civil war in both regime and opposition areas; diplomacy and external intervention in the conflict; the Syrian diaspora; and issues of "reconciliation" and "reconstruction".

Academics and practitioners will present their research and analysis over the four days of the conference. Non-presenting participants are welcome to attend and engage in the conversation.

The reservation is free, subject to availability. It is done via internet http://www.inspired-by-syria.com, by contacting the university by phone +44 1334 476161 or by going there directly.

St Andrews KY16 9AJ, United Kingdom, bus MD5 St Andrews (station Butts Wynd).

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