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Isn’t Turkey of interest to Europe?

.: August 12, 2016

In this article, Samuel Doveri Vesterbye chose to analyze the consequences of the failed coup on a fragile Turkish-European relationship. He also demonstrated that, for some political reasons, the EU should cooperate with Turkey rather than criticize it.

Northern Sinai: Egypt’s hidden war and open wound

.: August 10, 2016

In this article, Amr Khalifa chose to examine the complex security situation in northern Sinai and Egypt’s role in this hidden war.

Three reasons why Kurdish statehood remains a distant dream

.: August 9, 2016

In this article, Lars Hauch chose to analyze the Kurdish state project in Syria. He explained that it may look promising, but true independence is a long way off.

The ramifications of the Nusra’s split from al-Qaeda

.: August 7, 2016

In this article, Sharif Nashashibi chose to review this sudden change in strategy. He explained that the Nusra’s split from al-Qaeda is more likely to be linked to recurring reports dating as far back as early last year.

Arabs must turn a new page with Israel

.: August 5, 2016

In this article, Fred Maroun tried to explain that there are good reasons for Arab states to improve peaceful relations with Israel.

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